Good Friday

March 29th 2024

Good Friday

As we continue our journey through Holy Week, we discover that Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are connected by a kiss.

Resolving to redeem his rebellious Bride, Jesus signified his amen to the divine mission by accepting the kiss of a faithless friend.

Although he could have summoned one hundred thousand angels in an instant, our Lord allowed himself to be apprehended, agonized, and abused.

From the early hours of the dark morning through sunrise, and thereafter, Jesus would be tossed through the ranks of the kangaroo courts.

Without realizing that every beat of their hearts and breath in their lungs was sustained by the Sovereign One before them, the guards mocked him.

They spit upon the One who created their salivary glands.

In scorn, they placed a crown of thorns upon the One who designed every plant.

With a purple robe, they mockingly draped it upon the One who fashioned the eye to see color.

The political and religious leaders viewed themselves as having authority, when the King of kings and Lord of the entire universe was standing before them.

Condemned by sinful men, the Lord of glory carried our guilt, shame, and rebellion up a hill characterized by death. And there he would die.

Physically suspended in the air by nails piercing his flesh, our Savior willingly stayed to receive our wrath and satisfy God’s justice.

And there, as he purchased our redemption, he used his dying breath to declare that the divine rescue mission was accomplished.

It. Is. Finished.


Oh Lord, we call this day good, because through it we have good news; both to receive and to share. But as those who recognize the depth of our sin, this day is bittersweet.

The bitterness comes as we mourn over our sin. We think upon the rebellion of our hearts and the price that was needed to redeem us.

But the sweetness overwhelms us, as we rejoice in Your sacrificial death, paying our penalty so that we can be free.

So, Lord, rightly understood, this day is good. But I pray that You will help us to understand the cost and magnitude of that goodness.

For each of those who are walking this journey with us, I pray that you will help us to be more resolved than ever before. Grant us an eternal perspective that sees your passion with clarity and our purpose with confidence. May Your love for us, demonstrated through the cross, propel us to live for Your glory. In Your gracious and glorious name we pray, Amen.

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Author: Kevin Hay

Kevin Hay serves as one of the pastors of Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona. He is a DMin student in Expository Preaching at The Master’s Seminary and is the editor of the book Assurance: Our Confidence in Christ by Thomas Goodwin. Kevin and his wife, Alicia, have eight children: McKenna, Landon, Meela, Madison, Liam, Levi, Mariah, and Maylee.