Holy Tuesday

March 26th 2024

Holy Tuesday

Throughout Israel’s history, there were amazing accounts of the glory of God filling the temple (2 Chron 7:1–3).

The sound of his coming like the sound of many waters (Ezek 43:1–3).

The manifestation of his glory in a cloud so overwhelming no man could bear it (Ex 40:34).

But on Tuesday of Holy Week, after cleansing the Temple the day before, Jesus, who is the glorious God in human form, enters the Temple once more (Matt 21:23).

And yet, he does not come with the sound of a rushing wind.

The demonstration of his glory doesn’t appear like an outwardly overwhelming vapor.

But rather, he enters quietly, with the sound of human footsteps, in the midst of the escalating tension.

And as he opened his mouth that Tuesday, the incarnate Word would pour forth knowledge, and his glory would be put on display in the form of grace and truth (John 1:14).

This final Tuesday would be all about teaching.

Teaching with supreme authority as God in the flesh, declaring judgment upon the corrupt leaders of Israel (Matt 21:41; 23:1–36).

Teaching that the kingdom would be stripped from their grasp and gifted to a fruit-bearing people (Matt 21:43).

And teaching that he is the ultimate Son of David, the heir to the Davidic throne; the rightful King who is inaugurating a Kingdom that will crush the enemies of God and bring salvation to a multitude (Matt 22:41–46).

Oh, how painful that Tuesday must have been for our Lord. In the midst of exhorting and cautioning his disciples of the chaos that would ensue before his return, the compassion of Christ would be put on full display. “Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem” would be His cry (Matt 23:37–39).

Even before His crucifixion in just three short days, the heart of Jesus would be pierced by Israel’s lack of faith.


Lord, it is Tuesday of Holy Week, and we are continuing to trace your steps. We cannot begin to fully fathom the depth of your compassion. Though we are rebels, your gracious heart beats to the rhythm of redemption.

How splendid is your majesty? How glorious is your name? We are unworthy, but you are full of grace.

As we follow your footsteps leading to the cross, may we be overwhelmed by your passion. May we surrender to your authority. May we acknowledge and give allegiance to your Lordship. And may we turn from the idols of imagination and rejoice in your rightful rule in our hearts and over our lives.

In the midst of chaos and confusion, may we cling all the more to the truth of your gospel. In your glorious and powerful name we pray, Amen.

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Author: Kevin Hay

Kevin Hay serves as one of the pastors of Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona. He is a DMin student in Expository Preaching at The Master’s Seminary and is the editor of the book Assurance: Our Confidence in Christ by Thomas Goodwin. Kevin and his wife, Alicia, have eight children: McKenna, Landon, Meela, Madison, Liam, Levi, Mariah, and Maylee.