Holy Wednesday

March 27th 2024

Holy Wednesday

As we continue to follow the footsteps of our Savior, we’re now just two days away from his sacrificial death.

Although one would expect the heightened emotions and confrontations of the week to intensify, Wednesday of Holy Week would be cryptically quiet.

Shrouded in the silence, the Jewish leaders deliberate their dark and sinister plan to murder the Messiah.

It would seem that their fear of the people would prevent them from acting too quickly.

But there’s a reason this day has traditionally been known as “Spy Wednesday.”

A disciple of deception, driven by greed, would be just the pawn needed to capture our King (Matt 26:14–16).

But there would be no checkmate. Judas Iscariot would fulfill ancient prophecies, as a man who betrays his friend for a mere 30 pieces of silver (Zech 11:12–13).

In the meantime, endlessly etched in history is the blessed memory of Martha’s sister, Mary.

As the antonym to Judas’ brutal act of betrayal, she anoints our Lord with a sweet-smelling ointment (Matt 26:6–13).

Perhaps unbeknownst to her, this anointing was providentially preparing for Christ’s soon-coming death and subsequent burial.

Either way, for those who love the Lord, Wednesday is about worship.


Sovereign Lord, we’ve now reached Wednesday of Holy Week, and as we follow your footsteps, we can begin to feel the growing tension of what we know is coming. We can only imagine what was going through your mind on that final Wednesday. But we praise you for your steadfast commitment and compassion.

As recipients of Your divine rescue mission, we are humbled and exceedingly grateful.

Our prayer today is that you would search our hearts. Expose any areas of darkness or deceit that we might confess them and grow in Your likeness.

As we face the temptation to be anxious and apprehensive, please increase our confidence in your awesome power, protection, and benevolent providence. Help us to grow in faith to see the great love with which you’ve loved us, which was so profoundly demonstrated through your life, death, and resurrection.

In Your gracious name we pray, Amen.

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Author: Kevin Hay

Kevin Hay serves as one of the pastors of Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona. He is a DMin student in Expository Preaching at The Master’s Seminary and is the editor of the book Assurance: Our Confidence in Christ by Thomas Goodwin. Kevin and his wife, Alicia, have eight children: McKenna, Landon, Meela, Madison, Liam, Levi, Mariah, and Maylee.